About Those Evil Tories Have Cut £30 From The Disabled Posters.

If you have a selection of friends on Facebook with leftie political views, you’ll have seen the vile socialist campaign against a recent spending decision.  I’m not going to debase this blog by posting a copy of one.

It should be clarified first that only those deemed ‘fit for work’ will be losing this £30.  They will instead receive the same amount as “able-bodied” (for want of a more appropriate phrase) job-seekers.  It also only affects new claimants and those who have interrupted their payments for 12 weeks.

Of course, the vile socialist posters do not want you to know that – they want you to think that it affects all disabled people.

Firstly you should know that under this government, the total budget for spending on the disabled has increased.  I repeat – increased.

Secondly, thousands upon thousands of disabled people have been helped back to work.  Labour left the disabled on the scrapheap which I personally think is disgraceful.

It should also be noted that Labour allowed many people to play the system and “go on the sick”.  It isn’t an imaginary tabloid story – there are many people out there taking the piss out of the system, signed off for a bad back or something, that really should be working and contributing to the economy.  If I were disabled, I imagine I’d be even more angry about people taking the piss.  I’ve met these people in various pubs, drinking all day that should be contributing to society rather than skiving for a living.

Despite all of this, I am still uncomfortable with the decision that has been made with regards to reducing spending on Employment Support Allowance, and I doubt had I been an MP that I would have voted for it – at least on the face of it without understanding the reasoning behind it.  One of the main reasons I vote Conservative is to have a strong enough economy to be able to properly help those really and truly, in need – as opposed to those who just want.  I’d prefer fuel duty be increased, or the top rate of tax reduced, if we are to raise further revenue for the Exchequer.

But it really does have to be taken in context and not in vile socialist sound-bites.

And the most important context is the deficit and the debt.  As I also want us to be able to help those in need in 10, 20, 50 years down the line.

Who caused the Labour party to wildly overspend?  Who caused them to create the client-state?  Who caused the record-high deficit that was handed to the Coalition government?  I’ll give you a clue – it wasn’t the fucking garden pixies.

The deficit won’t clear itself.  There is no magic money tree to shake.

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