2017 General Election Labour Manifesto

Labour Manifesto

I wasn’t going to bother writing about the Labour Party’s rediscovery of the magic money tree, but it is such a document of deceit, that seems to be deceiving people – given the polls, that I do need to do my bit to debunk it.

You could summarise it by “you can have everything for free because we are going to make the rich pay for it”.

Except it simply won’t work.  This is back of a cigarette packet economics, and that is probably offensive to cigarette packets.

Allegedly the manifesto is fully costed, but I could similarly say that my dream apartment in Ibiza is fully costed.  Let’s break it down.

The Labour Party say that they are going to raise £19.4bn by increasing corporation tax to 26%.  This might sound fine to you – you might think that a higher tax rate means more will be raised in tax.

However, economics does not work like that.  After a point, the more you increase the tax rate, the less total tax will be raised.

The theory behind it is called the Laffer Curve, and anyone claiming that they can raise more revenue just because they are putting the tax rate up, is either stupid – or lying to you.  It is sometimes hard to work out which one is which in the Labour Party.

Since corporation tax has been reduced in this country – total corporation tax take has increased.  Of course, part of that is due to economic growth (in itself partly caused by lower corporation tax), but the Laffer Curve will be playing its part too.

Lower taxes raise more tax.

This is a fundamental understanding of economics that Labour simply doesn’t understand.

They also want to increase income tax on higher earners – you know, the people that open companies, the people that take risks – the people that employ many of you reading this.

Is it a co-incidence that during this period of tax-lowering, that employment is at a record high, or that unemployment is near a record low?  And I assume you know that every Labour government in history has left with higher unemployment than it inherited?

There is also this mysterious £6.5bn that Labour are going to get back from tax avoidance.  Don’t make me laugh. The idea that John McDonnell is going to magically stop companies from avoiding tax, a ha ha ha ha!  In fact, higher corporation tax will likely increase tax avoidance.

This is a completely spurious, nonsensical figure, made up to make the numbers add up.  Utter nonsense.

There is more to criticise, including the proposed increases in stamp duty, increasing capital gains tax and reducing corporation tax relief, to name three, that would likely have a negative impact on the economy.

Then there is the pointless renationalisation of railways, water companies etc – for which they haven’t even bothered to cost – seemingly trying to con me and you, that it won’t be paid for by debt, but bonds instead.  Bonds are government debt!!!

However, I would support scrapping the married couple allowance which seems an utterly pointless Cameron-esque policy.  See, you cannot say I disagree with everything Labour propose!

Then we have the giveaways.

Tuition fees is the big one.  So we are going to go back to fully subsidising expensive university tuition for anybody that fancies going to university.  Hugely expensive and not a productive use of resources, plus reductive to the quality in education.

Free car parking in hospitals may sound good, but who do you think is going to use that?  Nurses and patients?  Or the bloke who works in the office next door, the woman doing her shopping, etc?  Not exactly well thought out policy.

There is a massive £4bn giveaway on benefits (which sounds on paper like it would cost a hell of a lot more – yet more money to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In fact, there are bribes to pretty much anyone that might normally consider voting Labour – public sector workers, the regions, students, layabouts, the unemployed…

It is quite simply a manifesto to bribe people, pretend the rich will pay for it, and land the country in economic ruin.

Of course, many people are too selfish to care, or too short-sighted to understand.  Some people will think “oooh more money for me” and not think about the consequences for the economy, and the subsequent consequences when economic ruin returns.

Some people actually blame the Conservative Party for having no choice but to reduce spending – when it was Labour that got us into this mess with their overspending – running significant budget deficits from 2001 to 2007 BEFORE the crash – and therefore being totally unprepared for the recession that they were partly responsible for causing.

Unlike previous elections, I am not campaigning for the Conservative Party.  I understand if people don’t want to vote for them and am generally not going to argue against it, except for the enjoyment of an argument.

But I cannot understand why anyone that cares about the future of the economy, the future of their country and their own future in 5-10 years would consider voting Labour.

Shall we try to finish on a positive?

I agree with Labour not setting a pointless arbitrary figure on immigration numbers.  I think their proposed Migrant Impact Fund is promising (though pretty sure we already have/had something similar).

I found one policy I agree with!  Woohoo!  Or is that two?

Overall this is a disastrous manifesto.  Never in my life has their been a more appalling, dangerous manifesto produced for the United Kingdom.

This is one dodgy dossier – a dangerous, delusional document of deceit.  It must be rejected.

2017 General Election Liberal Democrats Manifesto

Lib Dem Manifesto

Given that I am still undecided, I thought that I should pay the Liberal Democrat manifesto a little more attention than usual.

There are some appealing proposals for a liberal such as myself, including the introduction of a regulated cannabis market (why not all drugs?) and the repeal of the Snooper’s Charter.

However, any liberalism does not extend to the economy, with large increases in spending on the NHS and education, which are only funded by increasing the debt.  There is also the reversal of some benefit cuts.

Further to that, they are going to increase income tax by 1p for everyone.


Bad enough when Labour propose to increase the rate of income tax on the rich (you know – the people that open companies and employ many of us), but to increase income tax on everyone will just discourage work and make us all poorer, at a time when living standards are fairly stagnant.

It seems that they are simply trying to appeal to Labour-lite voters.  I am not a Labour voter.

Yes I am missing something.  Brexit.

If you have read any article of mine, you will know that I want no kind of Brexit.  If the Liberal Democrats offered no Brexit – ie that they would stop the Brexit process, then I would vote for them.

To offer a second vote is pointless.  It’s a ratification vote.  If a second vote, on the deal, was lost – the Brexit question is closed.  Lose two referendums and the matter is conclusive for many a year.  And unless there is some kind of significant shift in public opinion (still roughly 50/50 split if you look at polls with balanced questions on Brexit), then I can only see another defeat for those of us who believe the future is dark, outside of the huge single market that is the European Union.

I cannot see that there will be any conclusive shift in public opinion, until Brexit happens, and when people start to notice subsequent negative effects on their lives.  Therefore, just like death itself, Brexit has to happen.  We have to have a Brexit failure to be able to reverse the process and be able to go back into the EU.  This is a long-term game – no point in just putting off Brexit.  People need to experience how bad things will be.

Thereby that policy of a second referendum on the deal is pointless.

I may still vote for the Liberal Democrats in some kind of anti-Brexit, anti-May protest vote, but it remains unlikely.  Who am I going to vote for, remains a good question.

Oh for a liberal party.

2017 General Election Who Can I Vote For

Who Should I Vote For…Or Who Could I Vote For?

So the remain campaigner that became Prime Minister and definitely was not going to call a general election before 2020 has plucked up the courage to call a general election before 2020.

You know that I am a life-long Tory.  But also a passionate Remainer. And I feel offended, bruised and damaged about Brexit, and the expected destruction to UK society, culture and probably, the economy.

For the first time ever, this is a difficult choice for me on who to vote for.  In fact, for the first time ever there is actually a choice for me to make.  I normally am the only trying to persuade people of whom to vote for.  Now I am the persuadee.

This is my first assessment of who I might vote for, prior to the manifestos/Brexit bullshit being released.

I guess I should start by working out who I cannot vote for.

Firstly I can rule out any of the I’m not racist but I don’t like what my country looks like with higher immigration parties – looking at you UKIP, and anyone else from the same respective basket of deplorables.  Yeah, Hillary, I stole your famous phrase.  Sue me.

I can also very easily rule out the Green Party.  They actually give Corbyn and Labour a run for their money on economic illiteracy – their latest idea was to grant a 3 day weekend and then to increase everyone’s wages arbitrarily for the money they would lose by not working.  Right…

There are no reasons to vote Labour unless you want higher benefits and don’t give a fuck about the national debt.  Corbyn even supports Brexit.  Labour continually cock-up the economy, one only needs to look at Labour’s Great Recession in 2007/08 for a reminder of how disastrous they are.  And now with Corbyn they are actually a bit more socialist, and hence a bit more potentially disastrous.

That said, the Conservatives are now the Brexit Implementation Party, and are dreaming of taking us into a recession of their own.  I certainly cannot support them.  I really do not see how I can vote for the Brexit Implementation Party.

So then there are the Liberal Democrats.  I could vote for them.  In theory.  They are the remain party.  They have a very weak leader but generally agreeable policies for a social and economic liberal like myself.  But would voting for them instead of the Brexit Implementation Party therefore increase the chance of a Labour government?

The Liberal Democrats are not going to win a majority – we are more likely to see Paddy Ashdown eating a hat.  So what would happen if they won a sizable amount of seats such as in 2010 and a coalition was required for a stable government to be formed?  There is no way that they could go into coalition with the Brexit Implementation Party.

Could they potentially govern with Labour?  Even though Corbyn supports Brexit?  My guess is that it could happen with some kind of Brexit-releated fudge.   But if this means that there is a chance of a Lib-Lab coalition, or even a Lib-Lab-SNP coalition, then how can I vote for that?

So I have fairly conclusively ruled out voting for all major and all minor parties.  But I will vote for someone.

Maybe the Bus Pass Elvis party will run in my area.

Or failing that, maybe someone could pay my deposit and I’ll run as a “Fuck Brexit” independent candidate.