Milimania TV Debates


So who remembers Cleggmania?

Yes there was a time in 2010 when everyone seemed to fall in love with kind-hearted Nick.

Something similar seems to have happened this time around – whereas nobody could stand Ed Miliband a week ago, now a few people have changed their minds.

He did come across reasonably well on the debate last Thursday night.

Whilst the polls showed David Cameron as the marginal victor, and he was, despite a stuttering performance – Ed Miliband didn’t really have anything to lose.

At first Paxman obliterated Miliband, but seemed to lose it towards the end of the debate – perhaps he wasn’t prepared enough, perhaps he felt a little sorry for him.

But Ed came out fighting – stealing a phrase from myself which I can now never use again.

But during Ed’s grilling, there seemed to be little focus on policy.

Do you even know any Labour policies?  At least ones that stand up to scrutiny?  It was all about personality, and Ed showing that he cares about the country.

I don’t doubt that he cares.  But his semi-socialist policies of price freezes, tax increases, along with attacks on business and wealthy individuals will take the country backwards, will increase our debt and will reverse the good work, in fact excellent work under the Conservative government that has reduced unemployment significantly.

Even the Hull City AFC owner, Assem Allam, one of Labour biggest donors, has said that David Cameron has the best economic policies.

I accept that Ed Miliband passionately cares about our country.  But Tony Blair passionately cared about removing Saddam Hussein and building a democratic, stable and peaceful Iraq.  Gordon Brown cared so much about the UK economy that he eradicated boom and bust/

We know that Labour doesn’t work.  And I sincerely hope the country does not fall for the trap again.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem that there is any real sign of Milimania in the polls as both parties are averaging around 33%.

Meanwhile, David Cameron was hardly inspirational last week.  He seemed particularly nervous when facing Paxman and didn’t defend our record sufficiently, avoiding questions and seeming short of basic facts.

Hopefully he will improve as the election campaign moves on.

There is a positive Conservative record to be spread across the United Kingdom, not just about employment and the economy, but on health, education – even immigration.

We need to fight a positive campaign, highlighting our excellent record and showing how things can only get even better under a Conservative majority.

Of course, Paxman was the real winner of the night.

TV Debates

David’s Disappointing Debate Decision

I am disappointed that David Cameron is refusing to take part in a series of debates.

I accept that it probably took away the expected Conservative majority in 2010, allowing the Lib Dems to surge in popularity, though as a Liberal Conservative, the coalition between the two parties is as good as a majority.

There was a sensible solution to the debates that nobody seemed to propose.

Have a regional round, without the main party leaders.  For example in Scotland, you would have the SNP debating with the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, and the Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy, plus other suitable representatives.

Meaning that us folk in the majority country, England, don’t have to listen to those economical-responsibility-free vacuums of the likes of the SNP and Plaid Cymru.  Nobody in England wants to hear from the SNP.  Well, apart from the Scottish in England.

The BBC have regional channels and could easily do this.  Likewise it could be shown over the internet.

Then you can have the 3/4 main party leaders and finish with a debate between Ed and Dave.

National TV debates are a risk.  But surely Dave couldn’t lose to Ed?

Anyway, I am disappointed.  I quite like David Cameron but have on occasion, particularly near the beginning of the parliament, been disappointed with his lack of backbone and belief.

Time to man up and lead us to a Conservative majority.

David Cameron Green Party TV Debates

David Cameron Is Right To Play Poker With The Debates

David Cameron is right to insist on the Green Party being represented in the debates.
He has now stated that he will not take part in the debates without them and he is right to do so.
It is plainly unfair for Ofcom to grade UKIP and the Liberal Democrats are major parties, without grading the Green Party as a major party.  The Green Party also has an MP and is polling slightly higher than the Liberal Democrats on average.
As I understand it, there will be 3 debates – one with the 4 leaders, one less Nigel and the final just Dave & Ed.  There is no reason why the Green Party cannot be the 5th party in the first debate.
79% of people want the Greens included.
This just stinks of the general media bias towards the Labour Party, particularly the BBC.
Of course the other main reason for wanting the Green Party involved in the same way that UKIP are involved, is that the Green Party will bleed votes from Labour, the same way that UKIP will bleed votes from the Conservatives.
For future elections, there needs to be an agreed minimal poll share, or some similar qualification for each stage of the leader debates.